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Dentist Albuquerque


I have been seeing Sanchez Dental Associates since 1973; they are absolutely a credit to the profession of Dentistry. (In Dr. Sanchez’s case, this could be golf as well.) Lasting, state of the art quality, precision, and comfort; why go elsewhere? (Sometimes the glue fails in Malaysia.) Everyone contributes to a professional atmosphere, while maintaining an environment of comfort. (Downside: Dr. Sanchez in his Fearless Fly magnifier glasses and the Ernest Hemingway golf hat; gotta watch that in front of the patients).


“Sanchez Dental Associates is the right choice for me because I implicitly trust Dr. Sanchez and everyone on staff. I know they are all interested in my health and in treating me as an individual. They give extra time and effort if it’s needed. Dr. Sanchez was referred to me by another patient, and I return the favor by referring him to others whenever I can.”

Cosmetic Dentistry Albuquerque


“In 1996, I was convinced the natural gap between my two front teeth was widening. After consulting with a dentist recommended to me by a friend, we decided veneers on my front four teeth would be the simplest way to fix my small teeth and create the smile I had always wanted. 12 years, 3 dentists, 4 veneers, 3 root canals, an implant, and many, many appointments later, I still had problems.Adrienne Carney
By this time I was beginning to get just a bit angry with dentists in general. I decided to follow the recommendations of several friends and visit Dr Sanchez. During the first examination, Dr. Sanchez took photos, x-rays and took his time interviewing and recording my dental history. Soon, I had a whole book about my teeth and a plan. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve spent much time, energy, and resources. Still, it’s great to know if I do have a dental problem or emergency Dr. Sanchez has the skill and compassion to take care of my smile and me.”