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Enamel Shaping & Bonding in Albuquerque

Minor irregularities and flaws in your teeth can have a big impact on your smile. Whether you need a few small changes or are having the finishing touches placed on teeth that have already sustained some cosmetic dental work, enamel shaping and bonding are two techniques we can use at Sanchez Dental in Albuquerque to perfect the look of your teeth.


Enamel is the hard outer layer of a tooth. It protects the soft structure below and is responsible for the tooth’s overall appearance. In some cases, flaws in the enamel can damage your smile. Issues like uneven tooth edges, small chips, and a rough external texture can all be solved through enamel shaping.

In enamel shaping, the dentist will use specialized tools to gently sand or buff the tooth’s surface, smoothing over flaws without affecting the underlying dental tissue.


Bonding utilizes a special tooth-colored resin to repair small chips and cracks or fill small gaps between teeth. This resin bonds to the surface of the tooth enamel, allowing the dentist the ability to shape the tooth and improve its overall appearance. Bonding can be used to lengthen a tooth or provide a more square or rounded edge.


When used together, enamel shaping and bonding can create dramatic results. Both procedures are affordable and relatively noninvasive, making them an idea choice for patients needing mild cosmetic corrections to their smile. In cases where enamel contouring and bonding are not effective on their own, your dentist may suggest additional treatments like veneers in order to achieve your desired results.

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