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Sedation Consultation

Sanchez Dental specializes in cosmetic and sedation dentistry. We are committed to helping our patients obtain the smiles they deserve and overcoming dental phobias and anxieties by offering sedation services.


At Sanchez Dental, we offer primarily oral conscious sedation. This utilizes medication taken in pill form that will put you in a deeply relaxed state. You will be awake and aware but may feel sleepy or even doze off; some patients report that they don’t remember the details of procedures completed under sedation. Depending on your level of anxiety, type of procedure performed, and other factors, we can modify the dosage to help you achieve the level of sedation best for your individual circumstances.

We are certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and pursue continuing education courses and certifications to ensure we are aware of modern changes and developments that will help us to offer safe and effective sedation to our patients.


Before your procedure, we’ll meet with you to discuss your goals and obtain your medical history. We’ll then complete a thorough examination and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. These steps help us to ensure we offer the safest and most comfortable experience possible to every patient we treat.

If fear has kept you out of the dentist’s chair, our sedation services can help! Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and begin the path toward a life with great teeth.

Learn more about our sedation services – call today to schedule a consultation.