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Dental Crowns Albuquerque

Sometimes, a tooth becomes too broken or decayed to be repaired with a dental filling, otherwise known as dental crowns. In these cases, a dental crown is used – and at Sanchez Dental, we can provide you with tooth-colored ceramic and porcelain crowns that will preserve the health of your teeth without damaging your beautiful smile. We also use sedation dentistry to make the experience a pain-less afternoon.


A dental crown sometimes called a cap, is a protective covering for a tooth. This prosthetic object fits over the entirety of the tooth and is cemented permanently in place. Crowns are often placed over teeth after decayed areas have been removed; the crown protects the underlying tissue and prevents further damage to the tooth’s structure. Crowns are also a necessary part of any dental bridge. Many people have crowns and they’re nothing to fear.

At Sanchez Dental, we use ceramic crowns or porcelain-fused metal. Both are resilient options that can repair your dental problems while matching your existing teeth. They are a much more natural-looking choice than traditional gold or base metal alloy crowns. They can also be taken care of using sedation dentistry if you are feeling frightful or uncomfortable.


Whether you need crowns and fillings or bridges and implants, Sanchez Dental can help. We are compassionate, experienced dentists committed to restoring Albuquerque’s smiles. Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services and schedule your first consultation.

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