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Traditional Dental Braces

Does your child need traditional dental braces? Do your crooked or misaligned teeth make you self-conscious of your smile? Orthodontics can help. While many people associate braces with childhood, the fact is that dental alignment can be corrected at any age – and the orthodontic options offered by Sanchez Dental can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your smile.


Your teeth are anchored in the gums, but they are not cemented in place. Over time, they can shift. This is part of the reason that losing one tooth can cause others to fall out of alignment. It’s also what makes braces an effective treatment for dental alignment issues!

Dental braces work by applying gentle, constant pressure to teeth, slowly pushing them into the correct location. At Sanchez Dental, we use 6 Month Smiles clear aligners. These work to correct dental alignment problems within a shorter period than most other orthodontic treatments.


What’s holding you back? Many adults avoid braces out of fear of discomfort or the embarrassment of wearing traditional metal braces. This is why we offer 6 Month Smiles braces – a comfortable option that’s fast-working and practically invisible when in use. No one but you needs to know that your smile is being corrected!

If you have dental alignment issues and wish to repair your smile, contact Sanchez Dental today. We can help you understand your options and make the best choice for your traditional dental braces!

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