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greg-gary-about-usDr. Greg Sanchez believe that to stay passionate and current in any field you must take Continuing Education Courses. They have spent the last 29 years taking hundreds of hours of courses to be able to best serve their patients.

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We Believe

The person you are on the inside – should shine brightly on the outside

About Our Team

Our dental hygienists, reception team and assistants are every bit as important to our team as the dentists themselves! Each dentist at Sanchez Dental has a single dedicated assistant, meaning you’ll see the same faces every time you come in for a visit. The relationships we have with our patients are important, and getting to know our team helps you feel more comfortable and at-ease with every appointment!
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We Believe

Every hour spent on education, every dollar spent on equipment and all the time we spend together as a team helps our patients have a Better Life.

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