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Budgeting the Cost of Invisalign for Albuquerque

Invisalign addresses visible issues on otherwise healthy teeth. But the cost can be prohibitive for some people. When you’re paying off bills and ensuring your children are healthy, do you have money left over to make payments for your own cosmetic care? Invisalign can feel like an unnecessary expense to some people, even though their emotional and mental health would greatly benefit from being able to smile freely. This is why Sanchez Dental Care is ready to help.


The treatment costs of Invisalign braces are similar to that of traditional braces. However, many insurance plans cover the cost in the same way. Up to $3,500 of your treatment plan cost can be covered by your insurance policy. Just because Invisalign braces are a more advanced treatment method doesn’t mean the cost increases. That’s a worry you can put aside!

Flexible Spending Accounts can also be used to pay for Invisalign braces. If your employer provided that option when handling insurance, you can speak to your insurance company about using your available FSA funds to meet the costs of your Invisalign treatment plan.


Sorting out what’s available to help cover the cost of your Invisalign braces can be confusing, but that’s where Sanchez Dental Care’s dedication to patient care will help. We’re available to discuss payment plans with you, based on your treatment needs and financial status, as well as assist you with insurance paperwork.

Don’t let the imagined cost of treatment you’ve been waiting for keep you from getting the beautiful smile that you want. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to discover how we can help you get an Invisalign smile!

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