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Dentures in Albuquerque

No matter how many teeth you need replaced or what type of dentures you need, Sanchez Dental in Albuquerque can help. We specialize in transformative dental procedures and are dedicated to giving Albuquerque residents back their confident smiles.


Dentures are false teeth, available in both full and partial dentures depending on the number of teeth they must replace. They are removable and generally held in place with pink-colored acrylic and wire.

A dental bridge, meanwhile, is a more permanent solution to missing teeth. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with a false tooth anchored to the surrounding real teeth or implants. The anchor teeth, called abutment teeth, are capped, and this cap connects to the bridge.

Dental bridges are sometimes called fixed or permanent partial dentures because they fill the role of dentures but are fixed permanently in place. No matter which option you choose, partial dentures and bridges serve a valuable role in filling the gaps in your smile and restoring your abilities to chew and talk without struggle.


There are benefits to both and each individual patient will have unique needs. At Sanchez Dental, we determine the best treatment for any patient by reviewing their medical history and current condition, as well as discussing their goals and concerns. This allows us to provide personalized care and craft the best treatment for each and every person who comes into our office.

If you’re ready to try Sanchez Dental, give us a call. Your first consultation is free, and together we can work on building a care plan that will be perfect for your needs.

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