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What Are Dental Implants?

At Sanchez Dental, we see patients with a variety of issues, but none seem to cause as much pain and embarrassment as missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth from gum disease or as the result of an injury, it’s important to fill the gap as soon as possible. The sooner you can resume chewing, talking and smiling normally, the better you’ll feel.
Not long ago, dentures were the only solution for missing teeth. Today, we have quite a few more tools available, including dental bridges and tooth implants.


Dental implants are artificial teeth permanently anchored to the patient’s jaw bone, just like regular teeth. Man-made titanium roots are placed inside a person’s gums to support the implant. The jaw bone will heal around this root after the procedure, fixing it in place and providing a solid anchor for a false tooth.


There are two primary types of dental implants, classified by how they are anchored to the jaw:

  • Endosteal or “In the Bone” Implants: Endosteal implants are the most common type used by dentists. These are directly placed into the patient’s jawbone. Once that is done, the patient undergoes a healing period, after which another procedure is carried out to place another post onto the initial implant. Once that is done, the replacement tooth or bridge is placed onto the final post.
  • Subperiosteal or “On the Bone” Implants: These implants are placed onto the jawbone just below the gums, with the post protruding through the gums. The posts begin to bond with the bone gradually as the gums begin to heal. The posts are responsible for supporting the replacement tooth or teeth. Patients who do not possess optimum bone height for endosteal implants can have success with these.

A patient who intends to undergo a dental implant procedure must, ideally speaking, possess good oral health as well as good overall health. They also require enough bone material in the jaws to accommodate and support the implants. The patient must also have healthy gums that have not been affected by periodontal disease.

Even if you are not a good candidate for teeth implants, we can still help you find a solution for your missing teeth. Contact Sanchez Dental to schedule a consultation, and we can begin the process of renovating your smile and giving you back your confidence and ability to enjoy life fully once again.

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