Cosmetic Dentistry Albuquerque

“In 1996, I was convinced the natural gap between my two front teeth was widening. After consulting with a dentist recommended to me by a friend, we decided veneers on my front four teeth would be the simplest way to fix my small teeth and create the smile I had always wanted. 12 years, 3 dentists, 4 veneers, 3 root canals, an implant, and many, many appointments later, I still had problems.Adrienne Carney
By this time I was beginning to get just a bit angry with dentists in general. I decided to follow the recommendations of several friends and visit Dr Sanchez. During the first examination, Dr. Sanchez took photos, x-rays and took his time interviewing and recording my dental history. Soon, I had a whole book about my teeth and a plan. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve spent much time, energy, and resources. Still, it’s great to know if I do have a dental problem or emergency Dr. Sanchez has the skill and compassion to take care of my smile and me.”

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