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Enamel Shaping & Contouring in Albuquerque

Small changes can have a big effect on your smile. While other cosmetic procedures offered at Sanchez Dental deal with large, dramatic changes to the look of your teeth, enamel shaping and contouring is a technique for correcting smaller flaws. The end result is a beautiful, perfect smile.


The outer layer of your tooth is called enamel. Contouring allows us to reshape the enamel without damaging the tooth itself, correcting small imperfections and giving you a more beautiful smile. The procedure is performed with delicate sanding instruments, and because only the surface of the tooth is affected, there is no discomfort associated with the procedure.

Some of the flaws we can correct with enamel shaping include:

  • Small chips and dents
  • Teeth that are slightly longer than their neighbors
  • Excessively pointy teeth
  • Small overlaps between teeth
  • Jagged or uneven tooth edges

Any relatively small flaw in the enamel of a tooth can be repaired with contouring. For larger problems, we can employ additional techniques such as bonding and veneers to create the perfect smile.


Whether you want to correct mild imperfections or have a need for major reconstructive dental work, Sanchez Dental can help. We are experienced and compassionate cosmetic dentists who will take the time to understand your individual needs and goals before developing a personalized treatment plan to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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