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Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“In 1996, I was convinced the natural gap between my two front teeth was widening. After consulting with a dentist recommended to me by a friend, we decided veneers on my front four teeth would be the simplest way to fix my small teeth and create the smile I had always wanted. 12 years, 3 dentists, 4 veneers, 3 root canals, an implant, and many, many appointments later, I still had problems.Adrienne Carney
By this time I was beginning to get just a bit angry with dentists in general. I decided to follow the recommendations of several friends and visit Dr Sanchez. During the first examination, Dr. Sanchez took photos, x-rays and took his time interviewing and recording my dental history. Soon, I had a whole book about my teeth and a plan. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
I’ve spent much time, energy, and resources. Still, it’s great to know if I do have a dental problem or emergency Dr. Sanchez has the skill and compassion to take care of my smile and me.” Adrienne

Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental
“Sanchez Dental Associates is the right choice for me because I implicitly trust Dr. Sanchez and everyone on staff. I know they are all interested in my health and in treating me as an individual. They give extra time and effort if it’s needed. Dr. Sanchez was referred to me by another patient, and I return the favor by referring him to others whenever I can.” Sherilyn

“Gary Sanchez, who is such a great dentist, became my BEST FRIEND. How great is that!”
Bill Daily – Actor ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and ‘Bob Newhart’ TV Series

I have been seeing Sanchez Dental Associates since 1973; they are absolutely a credit to the profession of Dentistry. (In Dr. Sanchez’s case, this could be golf as well.) Lasting, state of the art quality, precision, and comfort; why go elsewhere? (Sometimes the glue fails in Malaysia.) Everyone contributes to a professional atmosphere, while maintaining an environment of comfort. (Downside: Dr. Sanchez in his Fearless Fly magnifier glasses and the Ernest Hemingway golf hat; gotta watch that in front of the patients).


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez DentalI have been seeing Sanchez Dental Associates since 1973; they are absolutely a credit to the profession of Dentistry. (In Dr. Sanchez’s case, this could be golf as well.) Lasting, state of the art quality, precision, and comfort; why go elsewhere? (Sometimes the glue fails in Malaysia.) Everyone contributes to a professional atmosphere, while maintaining an environment of comfort. (Downside: Dr. Sanchez in his Fearless Fly magnifier glasses and the Ernest Hemingway golf hat; gotta watch that in front of the patients).

Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“My case was definitely a challenge. I had lots of questions and concerns, but Sanchez Dental Associates scheduled an extensive consultation that provided me detailed information and explanation as to the necessary treatments I would require. They mapped out my treatment plan so that I had a clear understanding of how long I should expect each treatment to last, and they put a clear goal in sight with pictures of what I could expect at completion. Throughout my treatment, Dr Sanchez kept me fully informed as to my progress, and he encouraged me to anticipate the final result – a beautiful smile, which I now have. Thanks to Sanchez Dental.”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“Thank you Sanchez Dental Team for the care and professionalism you showed during my “Dental Transformation”. After years of grinding my teeth, it was apparent my teeth were becoming shorter and so was my smile. I became increasingly self-conscious and wondered if some type of cosmetic dentistry would benefit me. I am happy to say I met Dr. Sanchez, set up a consultation, and understood exactly what I wanted to do. “I’m thrilled with the results and get compliments daily. I will never get tired of people asking me where I get my teeth whitened! I definitely smile a lot more and feel more confident. I am so grateful everyday. Thank you for my beautiful smile!”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“I came in because my bite was so far off that I was not chewing my food – just mauling it. After having final restorations put in, I could not have imagined the result. I can bite, I can taste food, and when I bite down on an apple, the explosion of juices goes all over inside my mouth. It’s wonderful. My teeth are absolutely beautiful and I get a lot of complements.”



“Confidence – given to me when you corrected my teeth in such an excellent, beautiful fashion. ‘Thank you’ seems so inadequate for what you have given me – but THANK YOU.”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“When I was 12 years old, I knocked out my two front teeth on the steering wheel of a jet ski. That was the beginning of my journey for a perfect smile. It was not until I was 18 years old that I received my permanent set of caps and veneers. I remember thinking the night before they were put in; tomorrow, this long process will finally be over. What I didn’t realize was how this new smile would impact my life. The first time I saw my new teeth I could hardly believe they weren’t natural teeth. I felt like a movie star! I do a good deal of public speaking and I always smile right before I start because it gives me confidence. I also participated in the Miss New Mexico Miss USA Pageant in January 2009 and never had to think twice about smiling on stage or for any camera. I really do love showing off my teeth! When people comment on my smile I always tell them to go to Dr. Sanchez because he is simply the best.”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental
“I recently underwent oral surgery procedures, and have to admit to experiencing anxiety and concern about needles and pain in general. The use of sedation before beginning the procedures was a new experience for me. It made all the difference. My thanks go to Dr. Sanchez and his staff for making the procedures go so smoothly.”Maya Blunt [bob]

“When I first came to Sanchez Dental Associates, I had so much fear of the dentist. I used to take 2 tablespoons of Benadryl just to walk through the door. I was PETRIFIED! Now, when I come, I come to see my friends. I sit in the chair just like I am watching TV…TOTALLY RELAXED!”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“Dr. Sanchez was my husband’s dentist before we got married. My past experiences with dentists had left me traumatized and anxious. Dr. Sanchez sat down with me, in a comfortable office environment, and we talked about my past experiences and how scared I was about dentists and dental work. He was very understanding, patient, and kind to me. I decided to have him perform the major dental work that I needed. He and his staff ‘held my hand’ through this procedure and the healing process. I am very happy and satisfied with Sanchez Dental. I have and will continue to recommend them at every opportunity. Those I have recommended are now happy patients of Sanchez Dental Associates.”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental
Choosing Sanchez Dental Associates is one of the most significant choices I have made in my life. Being consulted in planning for interventions in my body is such an honor, and should be the norm. I enjoy the anticipation of coming into the Sanchez Dental offices. I appreciate my time in the office, and I am always smiling when I leave. The staff and the doctors have created an environment of trust, fun, and professionalism that I deserve to spend my money on! Dr. Sanchez rocks!


“Dr. Sanchez and his staff at Sanchez Dental Associates are friendly, courteous, and helpful. They’ve worked with us, creating a plan that fits our budget, giving us good quality dental work at a price we can afford. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them.”

Mary and Stan


“I had Dr. Sanchez do some implants because I am a gagger and could not wear a partial or denture. I love my implants and have had no trouble. In fact, I have lost track of which teeth are implants and which are real ones. If you are contemplating implants, I highly recommend them and Dr. Sanchez.”


“I had implant treatment done by Dr. Sanchez. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I did it. It is much better than false teeth because dentures jump up and move around in your mouth. You even bite yourself! Implants are really just like your own teeth. I’d recommend implants to anyone. They are a little expensive but it’s worth it!”



“Dr. Sanchez convinced me to cap nine upper teeth in the early 2000’s. Wow – my smile was restored after years of piecemeal repair work, which had left it unattractive. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. I’ve been a patient at Sanchez Dental Associates since moving to Albuquerque in 1999. Every time I visit the office, I am impressed with the competence and friendliness of the entire staff.”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“Why have I stayed on with Sanchez Dental Associates for 47 years (initially with their father, and now the son)? I have confidence in their dentistry and their professional attitude. Whenever I visit for an appointment, I feel comfortable in the good feelings that radiate from the staff.”


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez DentalI started with Dr. Robert Sanchez (Dr. Greg and Gary’s Father) about 1964. Over the years, I have been a patient of both Dr. Gary and Dr. Greg. I wouldn’t have any other Dentists than Sanchez Dental Associates.


“I truly believe that we can live better longer if we accept aging as an ongoing process. Dr. Sanchez, who has been our family dentist for over 10 years, has demonstrated through his skill and knowledge that we can enjoy good dental health by taking control today. Learning and practicing his advice on good health for mind and body is the first step towards enjoying life and having a beautiful smile to accompany it… Thank you, Dr. Sanchez.”


I have been with Sanchez Dental since 1993. Dr. Sanchez has been my Dentist. I think I have had all procedures including fillings, extraction, implants and upper and lower dentures. I have always received professional care from a very professional and friendly staff including the Office Staff.


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez DentalI am a mother of two young children and I also have my own business. One of the many things I love about Sanchez Dental Associates is the fact that when you schedule an appointment, they tell you exactly how long the appointment will take. When you arrive, they take you back immediately, and usually you are out before the allotted amount of time. They work thoughtfully and very efficiently.

Sandra Sorroche Pattison


Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez DentalAs I approach my 62nd birthday, the skin on my face is sagging, and I now understand what the term ‘turkey neck’ means. Although these problems can be fixed with expensive cosmetic surgery, it is hard to justify for the sake of vanity alone. But I have always believed in taking care of my teeth. A few years ago I decided to change dentists, and I chose Sanchez Dental Associates. I explained to him how important it was to me to keep my own teeth. After a thorough exam, he showed me a plan to improve my dental health. Now, my teeth and gums are much healthier. More surprising is how much better I feel and how many compliments I get on my ‘pretty’ smile. Trust me, as you get older you need to smile all the time, because aging is not for sissies.

“I truly appreciate the professionalism and courtesy that is everyday normal operating procedure at Sanchez Dental. From the minute I step in the door to the minute I leave, everyone is happy, they know exactly why I’m there, I never have to wait more than a minute or two, and most important of all, they let me know that they appreciate and value my business. I feel special when I’m there. Thanks to all of you.”


“Having ground my teeth down smooth and plagued with years of constant headaches because of TMJ, I knew I needed to do something to get things back in line. Sanchez Dental Associates was recommended to me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The headaches are gone, I can chew with ease and the added bonus is I have a bright new smile that fits my personality and the image I want to project. The staff at Sanchez Dental are delightful and the Drs. Greg and Gary are at the top of their game. If anyone I know needs a dentist, I certainly recommend Sanchez Dental, and everyone has come back with the same positive results.”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental
“Sanchez Dental Associates has played a transforming role in my journey toward improved wellness. For almost 20 years I was a ‘dental drop-out.’ My anxiety over the inevitability of having my wisdom teeth removed (and the accompanying sedation) kept me away from the dentist after years of good check-ups and braces. This past fall, I faced my fear with the help of Sanchez Dental Associates. Dr. Sanchez helped me to see my health potential. With compassion and professionalism, he designed a treatment plan that honored my health goals, and motivated me to get back on track. Everyone I’ve worked with at Sanchez Dental Associates is personable, caring, and professional – the office is always filled with good energy! Returning to dental health with Sanchez Dental Associates has been one of the best experiences of my life!”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“In life, we deal with all kinds of relationships. A satisfying relationship is built on trust and care. A visit to the dentist generally isn’t something we look forward to. I’ve been visiting Sanchez Dental Associates for over six years and I look forward to each visit. Each time I see Dr. Sanchez and the staff my smile is bigger because they do great work, but more importantly they all care and can be trusted. They deal with your needs and concerns on a very personal level. Thank you Sanchez Dental for a great experience every time I visit! I can’t wait to see all of you soon!”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“For the past 20 years, every visit to my former dentist, even for a cleaning, was extremely unpleasant. Many of my teeth had become worn and were chipped and broken causing the nerves to be exposed which caused me much pain. When I went to Sanchez Dental Associates for a consultation, Dr. Sanchez assured me he could help, and he was true to his word. Not only was the experience pleasant, but painless too! Now when my cleaning appointment comes around I’m not apprehensive at all.”


I have been a patient of Dr. Sanchez for the last five years. During my initial meeting with Dr. Sanchez, I was impressed by his attitude regarding dental health as a part of total health. He has worked with me on three primary issues apart from regular cleanings: filling replacements, gum grafts, and TMJ. In each case, Dr. Sanchez has paid close attention to pain control. Each time, he has made sure I have the right mix of anesthesia, and has waited until I was numb before starting the procedure, even if it meant extending beyond the expected time for the procedure. I continue to be impressed with the Sanchez Dental staff with regard to competence and attention to pain, in a friendly, positive atmosphere.”



Reviews, Reviews, Sanchez Dental“Having gone through sedation for my dental procedures was such a relief to me. It was quick and painless, and now I can smile more, not just because I look great, but I feel great too! Now my dental fitness is part of my overall fitness program.”


I needed extensive dental work that required conscious sedation. The Team at Sanchez Dental Associates alleviated my fears and the experience was completely painless. I have complete confidence in everyone at Sanchez Dental.”



“I work as a radio news reporter and need my teeth in tip-top shape to enunciate and speak clearly on-air. But, after years of neglect, my mouth was in crisis and I was panicked. Dr. Sanchez calmly analyzed the problems, helped me define my oral health goals, and then gently stabilized my mouth. Subsequently, his staff taught me how to brush and floss like a pro, and I feel confident that I’m going to keep my teeth for a long time.”

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With teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry is virtually limitless. We also offer white fillings and crowns for natural-looking restorations. If your teeth need attention, it’s time to overcome the obstacles and prioritize your oral health. Call Dr. Gary and Dr. Greg, “The Sedation Guys,” at Sanchez Dental Associates in Albuquerque, and reserve your appointment now.

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