Sedation Dentistry Albuqueruque


The Truth About Sedation Dentistry

Yes — it is possible to reverse years of dental neglect without the anxiety and fear.

Dr. Greg and Dr. Gary Sanchez, the “Sedation Guys,” are members of DOCS, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation in Albuquerque. They have over 25 years of experience in providing transformative and cosmetic Sedation dentistry to patients of all kinds, including those who are afraid of dentists!

We understand that many of our new patients have had bad experiences in the past, often with anxiety so severe it’s kept them from seeking the dental help they need.

If that applies to you, we have a great solution – Sedation Dentistry.


We Believe

Fear and anxiety belong in the past.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

With oral conscious sedation, all you have to do is take a few small pills, sit back and relax knowing you will be comfortable for your entire visit! It’s safe, works every time and it is a great way to get your teeth healthy again.

Sedation Dentistry makes it possible for patients to sit through longer sessions, meaning we can do a complete smile transformation in a single morning instead of spacing it out over multiple appointments.

We offer oral conscious sedation to all of our patients, regardless of the procedure being completed; if you would be more comfortable with sedation, come to Sanchez Dental in Albuquerque and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!


We Believe

Now is the best time to start a better life!

Don’t Let Anxiety Stop You From Having a Great Life

Don’t postpone dental work because of time, stress, or fear. Instead, rely on Sanchez Dental Associates to help you overcome your concerns. Dental problems won’t get better if left alone. Decay, disease, and missing teeth will only cause more significant problems, which means more expense and time in the dental chair for you.

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see how sedation dentistry can help you get the results you want – without anxiety or discomfort.