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Are you having problem with your TMJ or jaw joint? Let us help you!
TMD (Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction) could be pain, clicking, and popping in your jaw joints or headaches, neck aches or difficulty chewing that can make enjoying your life quite challenging.

TMD treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis!  From there, we can address your pain in a variety of ways that may include splint therapy, injections or possibly a Specialty Referral.

Long Term Solutions

Splint – You may need to wear a splint as needed to control your symptoms and protect your joints.

Orthodontic Treatment – To correct misaligned teeth and fix your bite .

Bite Rejuvenation – Our goal here is to give you your freedom back, in a pain free and permanent way!  This is done through careful reconstruction by adding or subtracting to your teeth to fix your bite.

We can help!

With many years of highly specialized training, we are able to address TMD cases in a way that provides lasting relief!  After completing a thorough examination of your chewing system, we’ll work with you to create the treatment plan that works for you.  Then you’ll know what we mean when we say Great Teeth – Better Life!

To learn more, check out The Academy of Cranial Facial Pain.

TMD, TMD, Sanchez Dental