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Get Same Day Emergency Dental Care, Albuquerque

Accidents happen and they’re never when you expect. A child’s permanent tooth gets knocked out, you bite down on something too hard and crack a molar. How do you handle something that you never expect? You can’t simply call 911 for help!

Sandia Dental Care provides same day emergency care for you and your family when the unexpected happens.


During the normal course of a day, your teeth are used without you noticing. You eat, talk and smile without worrying. However, when an accident happens that involves your teeth, a dental emergency can be the result.

Large cracks, chips and breaks in a tooth are not only painful but dangerous. They compromise the enamel that protects the nerve and pulp of your tooth from infection. If you’ve lost a large piece of your tooth and you don’t have it handled immediately, debris and bacteria can reach the tooth’s interior and cause a severe infection.

A tooth that’s been knocked out needs to be replaced in the socket. If that’s not possible, it should be gently washed free of any visible debris and put in a cup of milk or saliva. And then attention sought immediately to ensure that the tooth can be replaced.


You can’t schedule an appointment to handle a dental emergency, and you can’t always wait to see a dentist. The last thing you want is to be treated badly while you’re trying to handle a frightened child or you’re in a great deal of pain. Sandia Dental Care knows that this is when you need the most compassion and attentive care.

We offer same-day emergent care for you and your family. Our caring staff will answer your questions, address your concerns and ensure that you leave with your dental emergency fully handled. Contact us today if you have any questions!

If you’re facing a dental emergency, call 505.884.8000 immediately!