Covid 19 Precautions

, Covid 19 Precautions, Sanchez Dental

We are so very happy to welcome our wonderful patients back. As we navigate COVID-19 our biggest commitment is keeping our team, patients, and community safe.  We wanted to share what we are doing and how you can help.  We’ve made some big changes to express our commitment on how much we care. We’ve installed a new HVAC system with medical grade  filtration. Each treatment room is isolated and with a new airflow system to reduce aerosols in the air.  Every night we do a complete disinfection with ozone treatment to the entire office.  Our infection control and protection wear exceed the ADA guidelines.  We’ve installed a hand sanitizer station located at the front door next to the automatic door opener button.  When you take a walk down the hall be sure to look around, we put some fun stuff for you too. You can help us by hand sanitizing at the door, wear a mask upon entering lobby, and stop by the front to get a quick temperature check.  We hate to be a broken record but if you’ve had any flu like symptoms or have been exposed to someone that tested positive in the last 14 days please let us know.  We value all of you and will always do the very best to keep everyone safe.


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, Covid 19 Precautions, Sanchez Dental