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Zoom Whitening

At Sanchez Dental, we use Zoom Teeth Whitening to provide our patients with the brightest, whitest smile. If your teeth are discolored from coffee, wine, tobacco or age, our tooth whitening service can restore your pearly whites and allow you to once more smile with confidence.


All tooth whitening products include hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. Zoom Tooth Whitening enhances the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide gel by combining it with Zoom light, an LED bleaching lamp. This activates the bleaching properties of the 25% hydrogen peroxide solution, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the stains of your enamel and chemically remove them from the surface of your teeth.

Zoom Tooth Whitening is professional-strength, and it provides the best results compared to any other tooth whitening option.


We will begin by covering the lips and gums, leaving only the teeth exposed. We will then apply the whitening gel to the surface of the teeth and leave it in place for 15 minutes so that it can begin to break up the stains and discoloration. We will then apply the Zoom light in three 15-minute sessions, for a total of 45 minutes.

The entire procedure will take approximately one hour, not counting preparation. As with all of our dental procedures, sedation is available to help you relax during the procedure. Just ask us about your sedation options at your appointment!


For best results, we recommend that all tooth whitening procedures take place after a regular teeth cleaning. We will also provide a home-use touch-up kit and directions for when and how to use the custom-fitted whitening trays to maintain the effects of the teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re ready to have a beautiful white smile, contact Sanchez Dental today to schedule an appointment for Zoom tooth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services.

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