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White Dental Restorations

A dental or tooth restoration – commonly called a filling – provides structural support and protection for damaged teeth. Although a variety of materials can be used in tooth restoration, Sanchez Dental offers white fillings that will match the natural color of your teeth so that you can smile with confidence.


Dental fillings are most commonly applied to teeth that have lost their structure, due to caries, trauma or preparation for certain cosmetic procedures.

If you have a cavity, you will likely need a filling to preserve the health of the damaged tooth. After the decayed part of a tooth is removed, the remaining hollow area will be filled in order to protect the root and strengthen the remaining structure of the tooth.


Dental fillings can be made of many materials, including precious metals like gold and silver. However, these fillings are clearly visible, and the permanent effect they have on your smile can make you self-conscious.

At Sanchez Dental, we use white composite fillings instead of silver amalgam. Composite is a tooth-colored mixture of porcelain and resin that can be mixed to the precise shade of your natural teeth so that the filling will blend in perfectly. No one but you will ever need to know that you have fillings!

If you need tooth restoration, contact us today to learn more about our composite resin fillings and other cosmetic dentistry options.

Don’t let fillings ruin your smile.
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