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Porcelain Crowns

The dentists at Sanchez Dental are committed to the health of your smile. That’s why we specialize in transformative cosmetic dentistry – so you can once again smile with confidence and see for yourself how much better life can be with great teeth.


Crowns are caps placed over teeth. They are used to restore worn-down or broken teeth, to protect a weak tooth from further decay, or to cover a dental implant. Although crowns can be made of many materials, porcelain is a popular choice. Its color and texture closely resembles natural tooth enamel. You can have a porcelain crown even in a visible front tooth without anyone noticing, allowing you to smile with confidence.

Porcelain crowns can also serve as support for bridges, allowing the dentist to fill the gaps caused by missing teeth and protect the integrity of your dentition.


If fear or anxiety has kept you away from the dentist, it’s time to take control of your smile once and for all. Drs. Gary and Greg Sanchez are certified sedation dentists who prioritize your comfort. From our initial consultation, where we’ll take time to get to know you and understand your goals, through your cosmetic dental procedures, we keep your needs in mind.

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