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How to Fix Overlapping Teeth

Overlapping teeth can be an embarrassment as well as cause more dental problems to develop down the line. Overlaps can make it harder to keep teeth clean, leading to decay. Uneven wear and problems with chewing are another problem. If you have an issue with overlapping teeth, Sanchez Dental can help. We provide both orthodontic and cosmetic solutions to correct your smile and improve oral health.


Overlapping teeth are often caused by dental crowding. When back teeth do not have enough space, they may push the front teeth together, causing them to twist and overlap. Braces and other orthodontic devices can correct this issue by straightening the teeth and pulling them into position. Depending on the situation, a tooth extraction may be necessary to make room; this is a common reason for wisdom tooth removal.

Aside from orthodontics, tooth overlaps can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry. Some techniques include:

Cosmetic procedures are a good option for minor flaws that do not otherwise affect your dentition or oral health


At Sanchez Dental, our specialty is restorative cosmetic dentistry. Whether you have a small imperfection or a major dental flaw, we can work with you to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Don’t let overlapping teeth ruin your smile.
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