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We’ll Repair Albuquerque’s Broken Teeth

It can happen because of biting improperly, falling down or an accident that jarred your teeth together. A broken tooth is painful and can be very unsightly. While you may not consider it an emergency if the pain isn’t unmanageable, you should never leave a broken tooth to sit. Sanchez Dental Care can provide you with the treatment needed to restore your ability to eat, talk and smile painlessly.


Small bits of enamel may chip off of your teeth due to eating coarse substances or accidents that cause your teeth to click together. A minor chip can be repaired with a filling or bonding that ensures the enamel isn’t compromised any further.

Large breaks are a severe issue. Opening gaps in the tooth’s structure weakens the entire tooth as well as exposes the nerve and pulp to debris and bacteria. Depending on the size of the break and where it occurs on the tooth, you may need a crown placed over the tooth. This will involve grinding down any broken edges, examining surrounding teeth for damage and putting the tooth-shaped cap over the stump. Luckily broken teeth repair is something we’re very familiar with.

Teeth that break off at the root may require a root canal before an implant is used to replace the missing tooth. The size of the break determines the severity of the issue; if you’re in severe pain or a large chunk of tooth is missing, you need immediate care.


With same-day emergent dental services, Sanchez Dental Care can ensure you don’t risk a severe infection by enduring a broken tooth for days. Our compassionate staff knows how disruptive a dental emergency is to your life. We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns and ensure that you get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Don’t try to live with a broken tooth and risk severe infection or greater problems later on. Contact us today and come have your broken teeth repaired so you can enjoy life again!

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