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Bioesthetics is the study of the human chewing system in its natural form and function. It is based on years of scientific research and observation of healthy natural dentitions where little or no dental repair has been needed to preserve the teeth. Using the principles of Bioesthetic Dentistry – we can restore broken and worn chewing systems to a beautiful natural-looking smile that is comfortable, functional and lasting.


If you notice any of the following you may be a good candidate for Bioesthetic Dentistry:

  • Wearing of your teeth – i.e. shortening of your front teeth or flattening of your back teeth.
  • Gum receding and notching at the gumline.
  • Teeth chipping or breaking.
  • Headaches, neck aches, and jaw soreness when you wake up.
  • Popping and clicking in your jaw joint (TMJ) when you open and close.


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With teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry is virtually limitless. We also offer white fillings and crowns for natural-looking restorations. If your teeth need attention, it’s time to overcome the obstacles and prioritize your oral health. Call Dr. Gary and Dr. Greg, “The Sedation Guys,” at Sanchez Dental Associates in Albuquerque, and reserve your appointment now.

“It had been 5 years since the last time I felt like I could smile with confidence. My teeth had become uneven, broken and stained from having so many dental problems. This caused me to have a “closed lip” smile because I felt self conscious about how I looked. I hated the way my smile looked when I saw pictures of myself. After visiting with Dr. Gary and getting his assessment I decided to trust him to revitalize my smile…and boy I’m glad I did! Although the process was long, and tedious at times, the entire experience was as pleasant as it could be. My appointments were all on time and the Sanchez dental staff was pleasant and always professional. Now I’m completely proud every time I smile. It really has given me a new level of confidence and I would recommend Dr. Gary and his team highly.” –Guy

“My case was definitely a challenge. I had lots of questions and concerns, but Sanchez Dental scheduled an extensive consultation that provided me detailed information and explanation as to the necessary treatments I would require. They mapped out my treatment plan so that I had a clear understanding of how long I should expect each treatment to last, and they put a clear goal in sight with pictures of what I could expect at completion. The staff went out of their way to work with my schedule, and they were very sensitive to fit me in when I felt any discomfort. Throughout my treatments Dr Gary kept me fully informed as to my progress, and he encouraged me to anticipate the final result – a beautiful smile, which I now have. Thanks to Sanchez Dental.” –Berni

“Thank you Sanchez Dental Team for the care and professionalism you showed during my “Dental Transformation”. After years of grinding my teeth it was apparent my teeth were becoming shorter and so was my smile. I became increasingly self-conscious and wondered if some type of cosmetic dentistry would benefit me. I am happy to say I met Dr. Gary, set up a consultation, and understood exactly what I wanted to do.

“I’m thrilled with the results and get compliments daily. I will never get tired of people asking me where I get my teeth whitened! I definitely smile a lot more and feel more confident. I am so grateful everyday, thank you for my beautiful smile!” –Karen

“I came in because my bite was so far off that I was not chewing my food – just mauling it. After having final restorations put in, I could not have imagined the result. I can bite, I can taste food, and when I bite down on an apple, the explosion of juices goes all over inside my mouth. It’s wonderful. My teeth are absolutely beautiful and I get a lot of complements. Everyone wants to know who did my teeth.” –Vera